Ruthann Marie Reim

Life Coach Personal Counselor Business Management Consultant Author
Corporate Services
The current business climate occasionally requires that business owners, managers and Human Resource Directors take on the difficult job of evaluating an employee’s progress or producing creative solutions in order to stay competitive. Ruthann M. Reim is an experienced change management consultant who can help. She can take your whole business group through goal setting retreats or training workshops that will inspire and motivate. She can help your management team be more effective, either individually or in difficult situations. She can work with employees to help them be more productive and career resilient or she will work with terminated employees to help them redirect their lives in new and positive directions. The Career Management Institute offers the following services to corporate clients:

• Change Management Consulting: Ruthann will be happy to discuss your needs and work out a proposal for you to consider. Please call her by at 253-565-8818 or contact Ruthann.

• Outplacement Counseling: On occasion an individual or group of employees need to be terminated. She has worked with thousands of individuals and has excellent results in helping them move on with their lives. She will work with you to meet both your budget and performance expectations. You might also want to have her spend some time with retained employees so they can remain productive. Please call her at 253-565-8818 or contact Ruthann to discuss your needs.

• Executive Coaching: Ruthann is especially effective in helping the high level executive think outside the box. She draws on 15 years management experience and will be available to help you think clearly in challenging situations. Call her with individual questions or keep her on retainer. Expect and get seasoned and confidential help from her. Call her at 253-565-8818 or contact Ruthann to set up your private coaching session. Fee per hour is $120 payable in advance by VISA or MASTERCARD in her office of $250 per hour in your office.